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For the traditional look of mortar based chinking and the ease of application of synthetic chinking we offer Log Jam Chinking by Sashco Sealants. After comparing Sashco products to similar products offered by other manufacturers. We think that, once you compare our product to theirs, you will agree;
Log Jam Chinking Log Jam Chinking
is the elastic log chinking that simply responds better to log movement. Log Jam can stretch up to 100% of the original joint size.
Available is six great colors.
Sashco's line-up of log home products is by far the most useable and provides the best selection of compatible stains, sealants and preservatives of any company on the market with the customer service and experience to back up that claim.
We used Sashco products ourselves for years before we started selling them. That is why we continue to remain loyal to the Sashco brand.
Basics of Chinking Application
1.The first step in good chink joint construction is to make sure that the surface is clean, dry and free of contaminates. Oil based stains and sealants, along with dirt, loose wood or bark can affect the bond of the chinking to your logs.
Application of bond breaker tape to a log wall. 2.Then when applying a synthetic chinking product like Log Jam it is important to obtain two point adhesion. This is achieved by first applying either a bond breaker tape such as shown in the photo at the left or by the use of backer rod as shown in the photo below right.
Backer rod or bond breaker tape should be used any time a joint exceeds 1/4" in width to achieve proper joint construction with two point adhesion.
The diagram below shows how to properly construct a chink joint, to allow for two point adhesion. Two point adhesion allows the chink joint to stretch without tearing. Tearing most often occurs when the joint is restrained across the entire surface of the joint. Applying backer rod to log corner stack.
A properly constructed chink joint with two point adhesion. 3.The next step in the process is the application of the chinking product, this can be achieved by use of a mechanical or pneumatic caulk gun, grout bag, a chink pump such as the Snorkler or a putty knife or spatula. Use the method that best suits your speed and ability.
4.After the application of the chinking material, some smoothing will be required. Again, selection of the tools used in smoothing the chink joint are up to the applicator. Some common tools include; trowels, putty knives, spatulas, spoons or foam brushes. Application of chinking with a caulk gun.
Do not apply more chinking than you can get tooled before it skins over, usually 15 to 30 minutes depending on the environment. Temperature and humidity greatly effect working time.
Smooth the joint using the tool of your choice. To extend working time many applicators will use a spray bottle of water to lightly wet the joint and aid in tooling to the desired finish. Some applicators insist on a perfectly smooth joint, while others prefer a rougher more rustic finish. Be careful when using water not to over do it, a light spritzing is all that is required.
Can you do your own chinking? That question, you must answer for yourself. The application of chinking is more of an art than a science.
Many factors must be considered, your ability, scale of the project, speed in which the project must be completed and other conditions determine if you should undertake the project yourself or leave it to a professional. Remember, as with most finish and sealing applications, proper joint construction and surface preparation are the key to the longevity of the project. A spray bottle and a light application of water will aid in extending workability of the chinking.

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Log Jam**

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Available Colors
Packaging Sizes
29oz. Tubes & 5gal. Pails
Application Range
(Surface Temp)
40°F to 120°F
Ideal range:
50F to 90F

Service Range
(Surface Temp)
-30°F (-34°C) to
250°F (121°C)
(Latex or Oil Based)
1 Week
Tack Free Time
Less than 30 minutes
(70°F, 50% relative humidity)
Full Cure

3 weeks (1/2" thickness.
70°F, 50% relative humidity)

Water Resistance
(No Washout)
1 to 4 hours*
Compatible with most sealers and preservatives,
including linseed oil, borates, pentachlorophenol and
copper compounds. NOTE: Some coatings contain wax or
other chemicals, making adhesion difficult.
Call Sashco for more information.
Shelf Life
18 months from date of packaging

Washout - None
Cracking - None
Discoloration - Passes ASTM C834-00

(EPS Foam Insulation)

0.28 lbs/gal; 34 g/liter;
less than 4% by weight

Mortar Texture

Call Sashco for stain
compatibility with Log Jam


Be cautious of areas where snow builds up around
the structure and remains for extended periods of time.
Snow removal is recommended for these areas to ensure
the ultimate adhesion of Log Jam.

Freeze Thaw Stability
Passes at least 5 cycles (0°F to 70°F)
* Cover projects with plastic sheeting for 24 hours if heavy rain is expected.
+ Some borate products contain glycols or other agents that could affect adhesion, please check manufacturer data before application.
** This product contains a chemical(s) which is reported by the State of California to cause birth defects or reproductive harm.

For full details consult manufacturer data tech sheets before use. This chart is offered for comparison only, information is deemed to be reliable, no warranty as to suitablity of products is made or implied. Temperature and humidity will affect, cure times, paintablity, moisture resistance and tack free time.