Blasting Equipment For Cleaning Log Homes and Wood

Media Blaster

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Similar to soda blasting and other forms of media blasting, The Kernal uses ground corn cobs or ground glass as a blast media. Both cob media and glass media are non-toxic and environmentally friendly method of removing old finishes and stains from logs, wood and wood siding.

For the best in professional stain removal, log home maintenance and log cabin renovation, use Sashco's Kernel Media Blaster. It effectively removes old stain and unsound wood from log homes and buildings, and it is environmentally safe. Stripping can be done in virtually any weather, at practically any temperature. Since water is not used, the log surface can be coated with preservatives and stains immediately (if weather permits and after loose dust is blown or brushed away from the surface). This takes full advantage of a very valuable commodity: favorable weather! Proper respiratory equipment should always be worn while using the Kernel Media Blaster.

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Using a spray shield to protect adjacent ceiling finishes during blasting, this worker is removing old stain from logs. Removing old stain and loose wood is fast, safe and easy with the use of some corn cob media and a cob blaster. Before Cob Blasting (shown right)
After Cob Blasting (shown left)
Inside corners shown un-blasted.
Using shield to protect ceiling from blast media. Removing old stain with corn cob blast media. Before and after cob blasting.
Advantages to Using the Kernel Cob Blaster
  • Most Professional Results
  • Removes Stains and Unsound
    Wood From Log Homes
  • Environmentally Safe,
    Uses Ground Corn Cobs
    or Ground Glass
  • Works in Virtually
    All Climates
  • Apply Coatings Immediately
    After Cleaning
  • Saves Time & Labor
  • Safer Than Soda Blasing
  • Less Aggressive Than
    Sand or Slag Media Blasting

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Media Blasting Your Log Home