Osborn Brushes

Grit Impregnated Nylon Bristles Find Thier Way Into the Contours of the Log-

Osborn Brushes

Product Description

Osborn brushes have grit impregnated nylon fibers mounted in a cup style brush. Available with 120 and 80 grit filaments find their way into the irregular contours of your logs to prep wood very effectively. Choose from 4 inch and 6 inch diameters, the 4 inch size is easier to control and offers less fatigue than the 6 inch diameter. However the 6 inch size works faster and is more aggessive with it's larger surface area. Sanding an entire average size home takes 1-3 brushes and works well to remove old coatings and weathered wood. These brushes feature a 5/8"x11 thread and screw onto the arbor of most 4" to 9" power hand grinders and buffers, these cup brushes should be run at between 1200 and 2000 RPM's to achieve the best results on logs and log siding.

They leave wood with a smooth but slightly weathered looking texture, and can be used to remove some cob blasting texture and power washing felting.

Great when used prior to the Buffy Pad System

Brushes last much longer if not overheated.
May ship direct from the manufacturers warehouse.